I am Juan Ortiz, and I am here to support you on designing and driving true transformations in order to create the reality you envision, for yourself and your organisation.

Two of my key strengths are being a well rounded hybrid and the ability of wearing the right hat at the right time: Engineer / MarketeerAnalyst / Project Manager / Trainer / FacilitatorCoach / NLP Practitioner with extensive 15+ years experience in the Digital Marketing game (both in-house and agency side), having collaborated with multinational corporations, NGOs, small business and individuals from different corners of the world.

I lead Smallbox Growth: a London based Consultancy Agency focusing our marketing & sales services in 3 main areas: Web Traffic Generation, Community Development and Conversion Optimisation, collaborating with a network of trusted partners with whom we share values, outcome driven approach and work ethics. And because true change can only be generated by people, we also provide 1-1 Executive Coaching, Leadership Development programmes, Team Coaching in partnership with Audacious International.

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Juan Ortiz
Juan OrtizMarketing Strategist & Executive Coach

What people say

Juan is a passionate evangelist for content and inbound marketing and is constantly looking to learn and improve his and his teams understanding, methodology and processes in order to improve performance. His passion and focus on excellence rubs off on his team and those around him.
Juan was excellent to work with and while he was with us became the go-to guy for anything to to do with SEO and how the social web could support our post-advertising programmes. A great team worker, he combined a modest erudition with a wry sense of humour that made him good to be around .

He materially helped define what we did with clients who knew they needed to do something but didn’t know what it was. I’m always glad to see or hear from him and I unreservedly recommend him.

Juan is a natural born project manager. He certainly knows how to identify a great idea, improve it and organize the whole process to develop the project even on really tight deadlines. He knows how to build up a team with key members and coordinate their efforts and resources in order to obtain the higher performance of them all. He has great interpersonal skills and he knows how to keep people motivated in order to achieve higher levels of productivity and quality as well. He is very creative, responsible, organized and proactive. I consider Juan as great asset to any project in order to achieve excellence and success.
I have worked along Juan for over 4 years at Smallbox. Juan is a creative and insightful digital expert. He possess a thorough understanding of technology, marketing and business development, along with qualities that make him a great online strategist and an essential part of any team aiming to achieve success in the online world.

Juan’s excellent project management ability and soft skills are a great combination with his vision and skills in SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Web Analytics.

Whether dealing with clients, partners or peers, Juan always delivers and never fails to let his incredibly high standards slip, in addition to being always great fun and truly a pleasure to work with.

If you’re ever lucky enough to work alongside Juan, I can assure you that you’ll become immeasurably better at what you do (although, as an analytics nerd, I suspect he wishes I’d used the word “measurably”). Whether you’re a copywriter, art director, strategist, account director or MD, you cannot fail to be influenced by his talent and enthusiasm, which combine to bring out the best in everybody he works with.

When it comes to SEO, in particular, Juan is a genius. As a copywriter at Story Worldwide, it was an absolute dream to have him in the office. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area and effortlessly communicates this to others – even those who are relatively new to it.

More generally, Juan is simply a brilliant marketer/marketeer (always one eye on SEO, Juan). From imaginative idea generation to intelligent strategic planning and painless implementation, he just does everything right. I hope I get chance to work with him again in the future.

Juan is an outstanding and entrepreneurial digital strategist. In just a short time with Story he transformed the company’s perception of the value of search marketing – helping us build our capacity in this area and producing crucial insights to underpin creative work.

His pioneering work on social media monitoring and analysis, meanwhile, rapidly became central to our strategic offering, enabling us to unearth brand truths and target content creation for optimum effectiveness.

Most of all, Juan’s energy and thirst for knowledge made him a lynchpin in helping the company recognise the need to constantly update our skills.

Juan was our SEO and social media expert at Story. He has a genuine passion for SEM and was always willing to share his vast knowledge and enthusiasm. He was always ready to help and train us on the subject in an informative (and patient!) way.

He was a invaluable asset to the team and a joy to work with.

I have worked with Juan on various projects over the period of time he was a Kaplan. Juan was always excellent at project managing and delivering what we wanted successfully. I would very much recommend Juan.
Juan knows SEO inside and out and is passionate about it. Even better, he can explain it to clients, to colleagues, to anyone, in a way that makes the subject easily understandable.

He’s a total professional.

Juan is a great person to work with (I mean it). He is a great Team Leader, truly passionate about all aspects of Online Marketing, with a drive to success of any project that he takes over. His strategic approach, dedication, combined with great knowledge of SEO & Conversion Rate optimization lead Kaplan International to fantastic results in Spain & Latin America.

Results driven approach that’s what set aside Juan from other marketers, he will make things happen, overachieve and not just sit on endless meetings. I strongly recommend Juan, not only as a past work colleague, but as friend for his enthusiasm to life and amazing results in marketing.

During my time at Kaplan International Colleges Juan was not only my manager but a great coach and leader. His technical knowledge and his ability to build on each team member’s strengths was key for my own development and I really appreciate having worked with him at that stage of my professional career.

Juan is a person of ideas with the capacity to provide a vision and a guideline but also to delegate and count on the team to deliver and as a result he’s able to build meaningful relationships.

Juan was the expert of search engine marketing in Story Worldwide. He understood social media inside out and this helped him to plan social media listening and generate a huge amount of insight for the clients. At the same time, he leverages his knowledge on Search Marketing and Social media to develop measurement plans strategically.

The way he interprets Google Analytics and social media listening provide so much value for the brands and campaigns. Every one in the company is very impressed by his passion about his work and curiosity and ability to learn and digest new things. He is always great fun and truly a pleasure to work with.

I worked with Juan for 3 years and he quickly became a reference for all things SEO. We worked closely on launching a brand new strategy, leading to extensive onsite optimisation and content marketing among other things. Juan is very passionate and great to work with, not only because he manages to make it fun but also by sharing his knowledge and vision, which for me was fantastic to keep learning and growing my skills.
I had the pleasure to work with Juan for just over 6 months. In this short period of time, it quickly became apparent to me that his insight and knowledge were of great value to the business. I’m referring to a particular project where Juan showed great determination and lateral thinking.

He was a great asset to me, very result-focused and driven. He is fun to work with and integrates well into project-based teams. I wish him all the best in the future.

Juan is well known for his intelligence, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, and leadership. I joined Kaplan when he was trying to build the Spanish Marketing Team and I had the opportunity to be guided by him. Always open for a chat, willing to teach and share his knowledge with us, he gave us the confidence to follow our path.

Throughout the time I’ve know him, he has been a motivated leader with amazing potential. One of the best things of working at Kaplan, that I will always remember, it is the opportunity I had to work with Juan.

Juan and I worked on several projects together and his knowledge of SEO and optimisation is vast. He advises not only on the immediate technical needs, but has a clear and long term strategy in mind, whether that is relating to a new business initiative or a complex website rebuild! I have often approached him and bombarded him with my obstacles, but he always has advice and great input to give!
Juan was my manager for more than two years at Kaplan International. Over this time, he helped me grow from a SEO Executive with basic knowledge of online marketing into a Content Strategist able to lead projects with organisations such as Marvel.
Juan’s encouragement and management has been instrumental to my professional development. He is a great motivator and personal mentor.

He has a genuine passion for digital marketing, which was demonstrated by his ability to build and maintain a strong, multi-functional Optimisation team that brought together the key areas of content marketing, SEO, conversion and analytics.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Juan and I look forward to working with him again if and when the opportunity arises.

Juan’s a great guy, with bags of enthusiasm and vast online marketing experience. He holds a deep, granular knowledge of SEO, web analytics, online conversion, and web development – from which, I was gratefully able to learn a great deal. He’s always keen to share his ideas, knowledge and is never one to shy away from a new online-related challenge.
Juan is a true optimisation enthusiast, always looking for the best ways to drive better results and a more efficient allocation of resources whether it may be through the newest technologies or improved processes but he’s never afraid to try new things and get the best out of these testing experiences. Juan also displays great communication abilities, being able to explain complex ideas to all levels of involved stakeholders and also being an ace when it comes to negotiation and selling a point. On a more social level, it is remarkable how Juan always shows a great attitude against any situation and also how supportive he is not only for those who report to him but also to all his colleagues.
Working with Juan at Kaplan was a true pleasure. The drive and passion he showed in developing and improving his territory was truly worthy of great respect. During my time there, I saw Juan take the Spanish market to new levels and by changing the focus of our campaigns together, we were able to develop a very strong and secure presence on Google for Kaplan International Colleges, that will put them above their competitors. Juan will be a valued candidate at any company for a marketing role, due to his understanding of people and perceptions of how markets are structured. I hope that I come across Juan again in the business world as I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside him
Juan was my manager and mentor for nearly two years at Kaplan International. He took me on as a junior SEO, and by the time he left I was managing the CRO function and had built a successful career in Digital Marketing.
Juan is an extremely gifted manager of people, with an academic interest in developing talent and NLP-based mentoring. He let me choose the field that interested me the most, advocated on my behalf so that I would have the chance to pursue it, and showed me the way to become an expert without telling me what to do.

Aside from his people development skills, he guided our team with strong vision during a turbulent time at the company. He drew together the fledgeling SEO, Analytics and Content Marketing functions and built a strong, functional team that would eventually become the heart of the Digital team at Kaplan.

Juan is passionate, extremely driven and ambitious, but also highly organized and methodical. He is a perfectionist in every sense, and will always motivate for a project to be fully understood, carefully planned and executed thoroughly. That may not suit everyone’s style, but it gets things done right, in the way that works the best.

Juan’s a great guy, with bags of enthusiasm and vast online marketing experience. He holds a deep, granular knowledge of SEO, web analytics, online conversion, and web development – from which, I was gratefully able to learn a great deal. He’s always keen to share his ideas, knowledge and is never one to shy away from a new online-related challenge.
I have worked with Juan for more than 3 years. Juan is one of the most reliable colleagues and has large insight into SEO and Conversion optimisation. He has a great passion for online marketing and he is probably one of the most brilliant online marketing strategist. I believe Juan has highly dedicated to company objectives and his team members profited from his excellent marketing solutions as well as his technical understand of website marketing. It was a pleasant experience working with Juan.
I have been working with Juan for over 3 years and I always admired his enthusiasm and his great attitude. Juan is very acknowledgeable, he has excellent technical skills and deep knowledge of SEO and Optimisation tactics. Always willing to drive changes and initiate new projects, he has great leadership skills and very good eye for details.
I Had the chance to work side by side with Juan during my time as AFS´ Córdoba Chapter President .
Besides being a joy to work with, Juan is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.
As Volunteer Development Coordinator Juan managed to change and make our processes more efficient and effective. His most important achievement was in terms of recruiting and induction of new volunteers, increasing our volunteer staff in 20% in 2 years.
It was for me a pleasure to work with him, I would certainly recommend Juan for any task where enthusiasm, reliability, hard working and trustworthiness are valued.
I had the pleasure of working very close with Juan throughout his time at Kaplan International English, I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable, proactive and pragmatic colleague, his understanding of SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion, Analytics, Team Building and Recruiting and the challenges we faced was backed up by practical plans that improved our output. Juan’s always happy to help and was one of the ‘go to’ people in the team for any issue or question regarding digital marketing.
He’ll be an asset to any organisation and I highly recommend him.

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