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Juan was excellent to work with and while he was with us became the go-to guy for anything to to do with SEO and how the social web could support our post-advertising programmes. A great team worker, he combined a modest erudition with a wry sense of humour that made him good to be around. […]
Juan is a passionate evangelist for content and inbound marketing and is constantly looking to learn and improve his and his teams understanding, methodology and processes in order to improve performance. His passion and focus on excellence rubs off on his team and those around him.
He advises not only on the immediate technical needs, but has a clear and long term strategy in mind, whether that is relating to a new business initiative or a complex website rebuild! I have often approached him and bombarded him with my obstacles, but he always has advice and great input to give! […]
Juan is a true optimisation enthusiast, always looking for the best ways to drive better results and a more efficient allocation of resources whether it may be through the newest technologies or improved processes but he’s never afraid to try new things and get the best out of these testing experiences. […]
Besides being a joy to work with, Juan is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.
As Volunteer Development Coordinator Juan managed to change and make our processes more efficient and effective. […]
Juan is passionate, extremely driven and ambitious, but also highly organized and methodical. He is a perfectionist in every sense, and will always motivate for a project to be fully understood, carefully planned and executed thoroughly. […]

Why Smallbox.eu?

      • 15+ years strategic Digital Marketing experience
      • Extensive background on technology, processes and people development
      • Supported multinational corporations, NGOs, small business and individuals
      • Bringing Strategy together with Executive and Team Coaching towards your vision

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